In appreciation of our customers we would like to present some of their vehicles.
We are particulary proud our customers feel their cars are meant to be driven.

"cross over the bridge"
Trolls Hot Rods
between the

23 T Bucket owned by Clancy and lorrie Madden,  
features one of a kind 1/4 elliptic spring and four bar setup rear suspension
This vehicle sees more miles in six summer months than most family vehicles.
The car has had seven years of trouble free operation since completion.




Very Fine Example of a Truck Meant to be Driven
54 Chevy owned by Phil Delgiglio (City Of Vancouver Firefighter) Lives in North Vancouver.
Truck features a volare clip, notice the width is perfect and the wheels are centered.
Truck was brought in needing some fine tuning of the wiring and major reconstruction to the
rear suspension.  Custom built shackles and pins and other welding and fabrication to the rear
suspension and we were able to return the truck promptly to Phil in a real  condition to be driven.

My webmaster (visit his personal web page )  has a fine 36 chev half ton that he has neglected for the past 5 years so it was time to drag it out of the garage and install a set of Dodge "mommy van" springs and hang the rear correctly.  Job turned out just fine and now he has some box parts on order and has lined up the fenders and running boards... Painless wiring kit installed, classic instruments, lokar shifter, new GM crate motor....and MOMMY VAN SPRINGS.  We hope to have this one complete and on the street for spring 2003 as we are now putting the finishing touches on the 1928 model a sedan

August and it starts to come together, 14 hours to align the doors and body but
now ready to mount the fenders and running boards

May 30,2004 web master's truck hits the road
still have to raise a bit in the rear, add glass and tailgate and roll the pan
but it has passed it's mechancal and is registered and under its own power.....
congratulations Tom, 12 years in the making....

January 23,2003 we get set to bid so long to Clancy Madden and his Model A.
The full build up of this project can be seen HERE.
This project lasted from Fall 2002 and was completed on schedule 18 months later

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